30 Days Yoga Challenge - Week 1

What better way to start the New Year than with an energising Yoga Flow.
Together with Yoga Teacher Agnes, we have put together four ten minute Flows for you. Here's the first one: A full body workout.

So bring out your LUVIYO mat, find your favourite yoga spot and let's flow, with this weeks first lesson: FULL BODY FLOW


Hope you're enjoying our first lesson. Let us know what you think on Instagram and Facebook or in the comment section below. #luviyo30days

Stay tuned for our next lessons below.

Week 2:
Power Up Your Core
Week 3:
Happy Thighs and Glutes
Week 4:
Toned Arms and Back

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  • Julia

    Es war ganz super!!! Herzlichen Dank!!!
    Welche Yoga Kleidung tr盲gt Agnes auf den Video ? Die sieht klasse aus!!!

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